Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 7, 2015

What a beautiful day it is here today, sunny, a little breezy but what a relief from the freezing temperatures we have been having. Spring is about to break out all over, Crocus will be popping their little heads through the ground very soon if not already in some areas. I do not have any where I live but hopefully next year I will. The Jonquils have been breaking through now for quite awhile. It is hard to believe as cold as it has been at times there is still so much green growth everywhere I look. The ground has not frozen which allows much vegetation to stay alive and still growing. This has been a very strange winter to say the least.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015

We have survived the rest of 2014, with little trauma, unlike so many others who have lost everything they owned in natural calamities, and the economy.

Many people make New Year's resolutions but many fail to follow through. The best thing to remember is to be true to yourself, use common sense when making decisions affecting your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014

Whether living in the city or country, there is always one thing
no one can control, and that is the weather. Sunday, April 27,
2014, a massive storm system created super cells which dropped
tornadoes across over ten states, causing damage and taking lives.
As it moved eastward it dumped huge amounts of rain creating floods
across the southeastern states to the east coast. For those with storm
cellars, refuge could be taken from the ravages of the wind and tornadoes
but little help for flooded areas. I pray for all those caught up in these
storms who lost property and loved ones.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Colors of Spring

The Jonquils are in full bloom, and brings so
much color to yet an early Spring. 

 Very soon the Lilacs will be in bloom if we do 
not get a heavy frost before they are ready.

I will be so glad when the Hummingbirds arrive.


Grandmother's Pantry

Grandmother's pantry was never bare,
Always plenty of good things to eat there.
Homemade cookies and candy so yummy,
Sure tasted good and filled my tummy.

Grandfather would come in,
And then he'd ask,
Have you seen Little Mary,
I gave her a task.

Oh, she'll be here,
Grandmother would say,
Just give her a minute
She's on her way.

He didn't know,
What I'd been doing.
At least I didn't think so.
But Grandfather was grinning.

He knew all along,
What I'd been up to,
I'd come out with a song,
Grandfather, there's work to do.

Let's get it done,
Just me and you.
Before you know it,
We'll be all through.
Written By MJ January 6, 2008.

Grandmother's Swing

My Grandmother's Swing
Where we'd sit for hours, 
To hear the birds sing,
And watch  as the fledglings soar.

She'd swing so slowly,
My head upon her lap,
Ever so slightly,
While I took my nap.

I miss my grandmother's swing,
From so long ago,
I was so young,
And she was growing old.

My grandmother's swing
Has long since gone,
Along with my Grandmother,
But not for long.

For I will be with her,
In her arms once more,
My head upon her lap,
And we will soar.

Like the fledglings
Learning to fly,
We'll be in Heaven,
She and I.

Written By MJ January 06, 2008

Friends Are Angels 

Our friends are like angels
Who brighten our days
In all kinds of wonderful
Magical ways

Their thoughtfulness comes
As a gift from above
And we feel we're surrounded
By warm, caring love

Like upside-down rainbows
Their smiles bring the sun
And they fill ho-hum moments
With laughter and fun

Friends are like angels
Without any wings
Blessing our lives
With the most precious things  

Butterfly Poems

A Heart That Has Lost The Will To Sing,  
Is Like A Butterfly With A Broken Wing. 

The Mourning Cloak Butterfly

There is a little butterfly,
That lives the whole year through.
You've probably never seen him,
So you never really knew.

This is a special butterfly,
Whose body does not freeze.
He sits while the sun warms the earth,
Before he is set free.

He brings us joy filled with hope,
That soon Spring will be here.
Look about you when you are out,
For he may be fluttering near.

He is winter's butterfly,
Dressed in browns, 
Trimmed in gold,
What a beauty to behold.

So if someday you happen to see,
A butterfly fluttering ever so free,
Among the snow capped bushes below,
The Mourning Cloak Butterfly you will behold.

Written by Butterfly Mariel


Be Good Stewards of our Planet

Be Good Stewards of Our Planet

We, the people of this planet, have been given the great honor of protecting our home, to conserve our fauna and flora. However, too many people have plundered and raped our home planet to the point that much of our natural landscapes have been forever altered with scars left in the terrain that to this day remain ugly to the eye. The land needs to be reclaimed, healed, replanted with plants unique to the region. Our tropical forests, and woodlands need to be protected as they are the natural air purifiers for our planet. Grasses, wild flowers, and trees native to the regions are vital to the climate and moisture so needed to keep our planet Earth healthy. 

Please do your part to conserve the only home we have in this Galaxy. If we live on the land and protect it, it's flora and fauna we will enjoy the benefits of our home planet forever. We must stop destroying our home  not only our lives but for those who come after us. The Europeans came to this country, stripped the land of it's natural resources, and many starved to death from lack of food due to their greediness. Please, do not let this happen again.